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Calvary Kids Online Sunday School

So here I am going to start posting the materials we will use for our Calvary Kids time on Thursday mornings.

We had to adjust the time a little bit on Thursday to accommodate some of our kids school class schedules. We hope you will still be able to join us at 9 a.m.

Ms. Joanna is planning on joining us Thursday so lets practice the Awesome God song for her this week!

Video link

The story this week is "The Road to Emmaus" where Jesus appeared to disciples.

The coloring sheet is pretty cool! I did it this weekend with the markers and oil and it's a really fun craft. I'll let you see your own results and I will share mine on Thursday.

Hear and Tell (Extra At-Home Activity)

SAY: I will whisper a sentence about Jesus to one of you. Then you will whisper what you heard to the person on your right and continue until the sentence reaches the first person again.

ASK: Do you think it will be the same sentence after it has been whispered to everyone in the group?

Choose a family member to start with and whisper a sentence in her or his ear. Then allow the group to pass that sentence around. Each time you start a new sentence, choose a different family member to whisper it to. The following are some sentences you can use:

o God and all the people recognized Jesus as a prophet.

o The people hoped Jesus would deliver Israel from the Roman rulers.

o But the people crucified Jesus.

o Some women went to the tomb and didn’t find Jesus’ body.

o The angels told the women that Jesus is alive.

SAY: Jesus told the disciples what was going to happen to him. They heard the words, but they didn’t understand what Jesus was saying. The disciples saw Jesus die, but they still didn’t understand what Jesus had said to them about his death.

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