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We would like to thank everyone who supports Calvary United Methodist Church with their time, commitment and financial contributions. It is through your pledges and contributions that we are able to carry on God's work here at Calvary United Methodist Church.

Why We Give

We give to support our church, its ministries and the work we are doing for the Lord. We reach out and help veterans, families and individuals in poverty, the hungry and much more. We plant the seeds for faith to grow in the next generation and equip our young people to be leaders, to serve and to grow. We give as an act of worship, in acknowledgement that all we have comes from God, to help us share the good news of Jesus Christ and to do the work of his Kingdom.

Online Giving

Giving online is easy, convenient and secure. Make a one-time gift, pay for flowers, contribute to love offerings or capital campaigns. Set up a recurring gift for your ongoing gifts and weekly offerings. Click on the button below to visit our new online giving page.

Why Pledge

Your annual pledge helps us forecast, with confidence, the level of financial support our congregation will receive in the year ahead. What we can do through our ministries depends on our budget, and our budget depends on the level of giving we can expect based on your pledges. You can update your pledge by contacting our church office administrator at or 410-795-9343

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